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Live Love Laugh Healing's Lorraine Stern of Santa Cruz, CA is an experienced Shamanic Practitioner for Holistic Therapy & more - Learn about Lorraine here.

Meet Holistic Healing Practitioner Lorraine Stern


Lorraine Stern is a gifted and experienced holistic health practitioner whose own journey as a mother and "recovering entrepreneur" helped her to discover homeopathy, health and shamanic energy healing.

Lorraine's life looked very different 25 years ago. Outwardly, she was a successful business owner, with clients like the Walt Disney Company, Williams Sonoma and Bath + Body Works. Inside, she knew something was out of sync. Struggling with family issues, allergies and overwork, she sold her business, left behind everything she knew, and moved 3,000 miles across the country.

In this new place, Lorraine began to seek out alternative therapies; first for her daughter, who had been diagnosed with Lyme disease, and then for herself. Slowly, as she made peace with her past and began to heal physically, she discovered her calling to help others heal as well.

In 2002, Lorraine enrolled in San Francisco's Pacific Academy of Homeopathy, graduating as a Certified Classical Homeopath. She went on to study Bowenwork therapy, earning credentials through the Bowenwork Academy of Australia in 2006.

Lorraine's path to becoming a healer included nearly a decade of study with Master Homeopath Massimo Mangliavori. It was during this time that she discovered shamanic work, and a new door opened for her; she was ready to step fully into the place of helping others.  She enrolled in 2010 in the Masters Program of the Light Body School of The Four Winds Society, studying with Alberto Villoldo and Linda Fitch

The shamanic path has led Lorraine to Chile and the mountains of Macchu Picchu, Ausangate, Salkantay in Peru, where she is continuing her studies with Jose Luis Herrera and Q'ero shamans of the Andes

Today when she isn't helping clients, leading workshops or continuing her studies, Lorraine can be found hiking or spending time in nature with her two teenage daughters. She has a small dairy farm, and in the warm months, spends much of her time milking goats and making fresh Chevre cheese.