Drumming Journeys

The drum is such a sacred connection with Spirit, consider joining Lorraine Stern in drumming ceremonies to shift your energy in the Monterey bay( including Santa Cruz and Salinas)

Healing Drumming Journeys


Guided Healing Meditations

Drumming journeys are traditionally a way for the shaman to connect with Spirit, so that they might gain information for their own healing and the healing of others.

The drum's slow, rhythmic beat allows for an easy guided meditation so that anyone can explore their own healing. Following the repetitive and monotonous rhythm, the mind becomes quiet, and the heart is free to discover through images, colors, symbols and sensations the answers to any questions the journeyer may have.

Journey’s can be done in groups or as a solo healing session.  Each journey can be tailored to an individuals needs and desires.

Please contact Lorraine to set up a session.