Divine Goddesses of Peru and the Nusta Karpay
to Aug 5

Divine Goddesses of Peru and the Nusta Karpay

This is a weekend of connecting to who you are and your essence by remembering.

The 7 Goddesses of Peru ( Nustas) help us remember who we are, and where we are going in this lifetime. Each Goddess is represented by a sacred place in Peru. Over the weekend you will become connected to each Goddess energy. These energies will help you steer your life in new ways, so that you can fully step into your life in new and exciting ways. 

It's a weekend of ceremony, and learning how to walk on the rainbow path, for as you cross over the rainbow, there are always riches to be had. Please join me in connecting with these powerful yet gentle heart centered energies. 

This is a class for men and women. 

Organic healthy lunches and snacks are included.

Price $300

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to Jul 8

Pleiades Star Initiations: Remembering your Essence & Origin


Reach for the Stars-Experience star teachings from the high Andes of Peru

gifted to us by Don Mariano Quispe, Q’ero elder, healer, and seer.

  • Learn the mythology and lore of the Pleiades
  • Bring in the light from above
  • Journey to the stars and reconnect to the ancestors
  • Shine light on all aspects of your being
  • Infuse yourself with new inspiration
  • Clear away what is no longer needed
  • Allow for healing and transformation
  • Find out more about your true potential
  • Further your visionary skills for this new time
  • Navigate the new times with more support and grace
  • Promote greater traction in the world
  • Experience the power of community, ceremony and modern-day rituals

 Taught by  Lorraine Stern

For More information please call 831-206-9291 or email

$300 for workshop ($100 deposit holds your spot) by June 26th  

REGISTER NOW - $100 deposit holds your spot

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New Medicine Wheel Journey
to Jul 1

New Medicine Wheel Journey

Have you ever wanted to be in the driver seat of your life, but didn't know how? 

You have dreams, and aspirations, but you don't know how to manifest them?

You want harmony in your life, but you don't know how to create it. 

Abundance is just a word, and not your reality...yet.

You are looping in old stories and just can't shift your head into the new story.

If you are wanting to create your life in abundance and joy, then this transformational 4 part workshop is the course for you. The Andean Medicine wheel explores Andean cosmology, and teaches solid practices, and exercise that work with the elements of nature that show you how to change your energy body, and your life. 

Find out more information here.

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3:00 PM15:00

Summer Solstice Hike

Summer is made for hiking, and nature is always the perfect place to be for the Summer Solstice. Please join me in a hike and ceremony in Garland Park in Carmel Valley at 6pm. 

700W Carmel Valley Rd. Carmel Valley.

We will meet near the bathrooms. Please bring layers, and water. 


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Full Moon Fire Ceremony
4:30 PM16:30

Full Moon Fire Ceremony

Please join me in welcoming in the sun of summer with a fire ceremony. Fires are a great way to reset our body systems, They bring forth an alchemical reaction within us that helps us to change in an instant those aspects of our lives that need shifting. To celebrate this fire, and welcome in the summer, please bring  a gift for the fire. Tobacco, flowers, cornmeal all work great. This will be a special ceremony that I learned from a Mayan shaman, in that at a group we will create layers of offerings to the fire to bring about lasting health and happiness. 

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Juan Nunez del Prado- Master's Class
to May 20

Juan Nunez del Prado- Master's Class

This course will follow the Teachings of Tata Lorenzo from the Kallawaya tradition from Bolivia. His teachings show us how to strengthen our path, learn how to work more effectively with others,and create the future of our dreams. We will go deeply into Andean cosmology learning to connect with the Ultimate power of creation.Ou will learn to connect with different energetic levels such s the black light, the Earth, the Milky Way and the whole galaxy.

Juan Nunez del Prado and his son are Maters at explaining the Spiritual tradition of the Inkas. The explain it from a modern scientific perspective. Juan is one of the few living keepers of ancient wisdom from the Inkas. He is passionate about fulfilling the Andean prophecy where people live more empowered lives possessing greater harmony within oneself and with nature as a physical representation of the Divine. 

For those of you who would like to study with Juan and Ivan but haven't taken any of the basic teaching, you will still be able to attend this workshop by taking the Pana class on May 16=17th. It is a pre-requisite for this advanced workshop.

Cost for this workshop $450

Both workshops together ( Pana and the Advanced) $595



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to May 17

Juan Nuñez del Prado Teachings

Famous Anthropologist from Peru, Juan Nuñez del Prado will be teaching the Paña, or the right side of the path. This is the mystical side of Andean Shamanism that shows us how we are connected to all of life. Juan and his son Ivan will show us how to cleanse our energy bodies and learn how to cleanse others and connect with nature in a new way.

$200 for the 2 Day Course
Limited space available

For those of you who have studied with Juan before, he will be teaching an advanced workshop May 18-20th. 

 Juan Nuñez Del Prado and Qero Paqos preparing for ceremony

Juan Nuñez Del Prado and Qero Paqos preparing for ceremony

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Full Moon Fire Ceremony
4:45 PM16:45

Full Moon Fire Ceremony

Bring a drum or rattle if you have one, warm clothes and let's celebrate this full Moon. This is the moon of planting. It's all about planting our desires, and setting our intentions for those seeds to grow. In honor of this moon, please bring a gift for the fire like tobacco or sage, and seeds for your wishes. It's at my home 2175 Elkhorn Rd. Castroville, CA. Please call if you need directions 831-206-9291

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7:30 AM07:30

Drum-making Workshop With Michael and Lorraine

April 28th 10:30-12:30pm

Learn how to make a ceremonial drum. This class is taught by Lorraine Stern and Michael Logue. Cost for supplies:

  • 12" Drum $60
    • 14" Drum $85
    • Rattles $10

Payment due 10 days before workshop. Space is limited.

Michael Logue is the keeper of Singing Thunder, a beautiful community drum that will lead us in a journey, and with her aid as a mid-wide, we will call forth the Spirit of each of the drums. Then after making our drums together in community, we will all have our drums blessed.

After the workshop Singing Thunder will be available who would like to lay between the drum and the Earth and have a journey/visionary experience on a donation basis. 

Class taught at Lorraines Home 2175 Elkhorn Rd, Castroville, CA. Please call to reserve your spot or e-mail. 831-206-9291. 

 Singing Thunder

Singing Thunder

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12:00 PM12:00

Energetic Boundaries and Protection Workshop

We will continue learning about boundaries. Learn how to have healthy relationships and not to take in energy from others by having good boundaries. Everyone will learn new ways of how to protect themselves in this crazy world. You will get a first level Reiki attunment at the end of class by Nadejda Rozanova

Cost $25

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