fire ceremonies

Fire Ceremony

Whether it's in a group or solo, a fire ceremony is a dynamic way to create transformation in your life. Join us for group fire ceremonies, or create your own solo ceremony.


Working with fire is a powerful means of personal transformation. It is an opportunity to release anything that no longer serves you, call in something new to grow within you, and bring the light and warmth of the fire into your Luminous Energy Field.

For an individual Fire Ceremony, you may choose to light a single candle, a group of candles or to work with a fire outside.

To begin, first open Sacred Space. Prepare yourself to do sacred work - take a few deep breaths to release the everyday world and allow yourself to drop into the vibration of the sacred.

Light the fire.

Working with a stick (or twist of paper or cocktail stick depending on the type of fire or candle you are using) blow all that you wish to release into one end of the stick and that which you wish to call into your life instead into the other. Place the stick in the fire and allow it to burn completely.

Looking in to the fire with a soft gaze, use your hands to draw the energy of the flame into your belly, your heart and your forehead. These are the places where all the power, all the love and all the wisdom reside within you.

Pause for a moment and allow the light and warmth of the fire to penetrate your being. Spend as much time at the fire as feels appropriate to you. 

Close Sacred Space by closing the Directions, Earth and Heavens. Distinguish the candle, or allow the fire to burn down naturally.  

Over the coming days and weeks, observe as Spirit presents you with opportunities to transform your intent into reality.