Medicine Wheel Journey

Four Winds Inka Medicine Wheel course in Northern California, Santa Cruz and Monterey. Taught by Lorraine Stern. 

Medicine Wheel Journey


Step back into the driver seat of your life!  Classes now forming for 2019


The Medicine Wheel Workshop is a year-long four-fold path of Ancient Andean cosmology, a map of transformation, a journey to step into our potential . Yet the map only shows the direction and the territory. To fully engage in that growth, that transformation, that journey, one must walk that path oneself, experiencing all of its aspects. The Medicine Wheel workshop is an opportunity to step onto that path. Building one upon the other, each gate creates the freedom and momentum to reinvent our lives, stepping into a place of our becoming.   

As we bring together these 4 masteries of self, we reorder ourselves and integrate new way of being in this world. You will build a power bundle to hold your healing and potential.


 Healer: Gate of the Earth. We enter  our journey reconnecting with the Earth, and reconnecting with our own innate ability to become a healer for ourselves. We learn how to become masters of our energy bodies and of our lives. Through sacred ceremony we will connect with our hearts and our unique beauty and gifts, so that we can fully step into this world by letting die the old ways of being. The Earth teaches us how to grow corn- and invite abundance into our lives. As we divest ourselves from the old ways of being, we invite into our lives the mystical practices of the Q'ero and their ancient cosmology that will inform us, guide, and support us in new exciting ways. Class starts June 28-July 1st, 2019 Enrollment open now!

Warrior: Gate of the Water. We learn the practices of the luminous warrior, to step beyond fear, violence, anger, and death. We release our genetic and karmic limitations, so we are no longer defined by them. Then we can determine our own sense of integrity and right action, and learn to bring flow back into our lives. We learn how to work with the power of water as an ally as we explore the emotional self,  releasing us from victimhood, and shadow. We learn to bring value and true meaning into our lives, as we make new connections that will nourish our heart and soul. 

Teacher: Gate of the Wind. As we learn how to become our own teachers, we will uncover and embrace our gifts that are uniquely ours. We begin to remember the ancient knowledge that can be experienced but not told. Like a tree that is deeply grounded in the earth and to source, the wind becomes our ally, and helps us to scatter our seeds of possibilities.The teacher helps us to let go fully, and bring our creativity, passion and timing out into the world. In order to learn how to navigate the wind, it is important that who we are inside matches the outside. Then we are truly free to fly free. 

Visionary: Gate of the Sun. As the sun rises high into the sky, the visionary, has the ability to see life from a different perspective. Where before you might have looked possibilities and seen the reasons why they can’t work, the visionary who understands that through the act of seeing you can bring the world into being. We learn to balance our thoughts, hearts, and bellies so we can be fully in our own power, and see the world as it really is. It is with this vision of the seer that we learn to work with the open heart. and the passion of the belly. 

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Workshop will be held onsite near Monterey, California.

Gate of the Earth August 9-11th 2018, and/or August by appointment

   Gate of the Water October 11-14th 2018

  Gate of the Wind TBA

Gate of the Sun TBA




Overnight accommodations are available. CONTACT US to learn more.