A Despacho is a traditional Andean ceremony of gratitude, honoring the mountains, nature and other living energies to bring balance, transformation and change into our lives. 


In the Andean traditions of Peru, important transitions or beginnings are often marked by a despacho, a ceremonial offering (or prayer bundle) to the mountains, the Earth and the guiding spirits. For those who live in close connection with the Earth, the despacho can be a communication to those forces of nature they love and respect: Pachamama (Mother Earth), the Sun or the powers of Light, and the guides or guardians of the spirit world who provide for the community, the family, and the individual.

There are many types of despachos. Some despachos offer ayni (balance), while others offer to take out the negative energy in ones life, and still others offer love and prosperity. Each is a powerful way to bring about transformation and change, to set your intentions and let them go.

A despacho is a beautiful offering, blending  prayers, honoring and gratitude. In ceremony honoring the Four Directions, earth and sky, we create a sacred mosaic of all that can be possible in our lives. This colorful, many-layered bundle is made up of natural and burnable materials that represent the mountains, the earth, crops, plants, animals, the sea, and other aspects of nature.  

Following a despacho ceremony, the despacho is either burned (to release the prayers quickly to Spirit so they can begin manifesting), or buried, so that the prayers are released slowly to the Earth. 


Sit in ceremony with yourself or a group to shift your energy, limiting beliefs, and stuck patterns. A despacho is a mandala that honors all of life, and yourself. We put in our wishes and dreams for the future by bringing alignment into our relationships, homes, work and lives. Look on events for community despacho ceremonies, or call Lorraine for a private ceremony 831-206-9291.



Contact Lorraine for details:   831-206-9291


Have you ever felt the victim or have family members who portray the victim archetype?
Do you find yourself taking on negative energy?
Are you unable to break out of old patterns?

The word Kuti in Quechuan means to "send back". This despacho
will return negative energy so that you can step into a life of harmony and joy.

Please join me to "send back" unwanted energy in ceremony.

For questions or to setup your own ceremony:
Contact Lorraine:   831-206-9291

Ceremonial cost $100-125- this can be shared with a group